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The Geeks are excited about Sunday when the legendary stadium Maracana in Rio de Janiero will host 2019 Final in Copa America. The host Brazil will have the chance to secure their ninth cup trophy, for the first time since 2007. Peru on the other hand is two-time champions but we must go back all the way to 1975 for their last trophy. Nevertheless, Peru have only made it to the final twice and won both times. Both Brazil and Peru advanced from group A, Brazil as group winner and Peru as one of the best third placed teams. Will Peru be able to bounce back from the crushing group stage defeat 5-0 against Brazil?

Brazil still haven’t conceded any goals in the tournament and will try to maintain the record of clean sheets though out the whole tournament. Alison Becker´s performance have really been outstanding and including Liverpool games, he has not let a goal in for 8 consecutive games. Many might have thought that Brazil would struggle since Neymar was out because of an injury, but the Selecao´s have really proven there worth. At the moment there are no report of injuries.

Brazil last five games: (4-1-0)
14 Jun 2019     Brazil v Bolivia             3-0                   Copa America
18 Jun 2019    Brazil v Venezuela        0-0                   Copa America
22 Jun 2019    Peru v Brazil                 0-5                   Copa America
27 Jun 2019    Brazil v Paraguay         0-0 (PK: 4-3)    Copa America Q-Final
02 Jul 2019      Brazil v Argentina         2-0                   Copa America S-Final

Peru have under the guidance of Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca really enjoyed a glory path for Peruvian football after securing a place at the 2018 Russia World Cup and qualifying for the 2019 Copa America Final after having crushed the defending champions Chile in the Semi Finals by winning 3-0. Many are surprised they actually reached the final, especially since the finished third in Group A with uneven performances against Venezuela and Brazil. But Peru will have to bring their A-game to be able to snatch the title from hosting Brazil. There is no reports of injuries or suspensions.

Peru last five games: (3-1-1)
15 Jun 2019    Venezuela v Peru          0-0                   Copa America
18 Jun 2019    Bolivia v Peru               1-3                   Copa America
22 Jun 2019    Peru v Brazil                 0-5                   Copa America
29 Jun 2019    Uruguay v Peru             0-0 (P: 4-5)       Copa America Q-Final
03 Jul 2019      Chile v Peru                  0-3                   Copa America S-Finals


Last five games (Brazil 4, Draw 0, Peru 1):
14 Jun 2015     Brazil v Peru     2-1       Copa America
17 Nov 2015    Brazil v Peru     3-0       FIFA World Cup
12 Jun 2016    Peru v Brazil     1-0       Copa America
15 Nov 2016    Peru v Brazil     0-2       FIFA World Cup
22 Jun 2019    Peru v Brazil     0-5       Copa America

Our Tip
There is a lot of pressure on the host Brazil to win at a boiling Maracana. Is Brazil more afraid of losing then actually wanting to win? Peru on the other hand have hopefully learned from the group stage loss 0-5 and will probably be on the defensive.

Our tips are Goals under 2,5 played at Unibet with odds 4/5.