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The Rise of Mobile Gaming


Gaming on mobile devices is taking over from conventional computers and Macs that once dominated the industry. With the advent of smartphones, gamers are now free to play wherever and whenever they choose. This trend is far from its peak and is expected to grow even more significantly in the future.


Until 2010, gambling sites hadn’t focused on players with smartphones and have only catered to them over the past decade. With the rise in mobile gambling, online casinos have increased their focus and are now offering a very attractive sign up bonus for new players switching to mobile apps. To understand what is driving this phenomenon, we must first examine the history of online gaming as a whole.


Until the middle of 2000, people were using their personal computers to play online. The dominant mobile phone at the time was the Blackberry, designed for business and not for gaming. Large online casinos did develop Blackberry apps, but these did not offer the broad scope on offer today and were not viable in the long run.


When the iPhone launched in 2007, it changed the world of gambling and the use of the internet at large. Android devices have since become more popular, and between the two, they now control 100% of the mobile gambling market. This new generation of phones gives the gamer a better experience with sharp, clear graphics, better connectivity, and mobility.

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Play Anywhere and Anytime

With the mobile devices of today, you are no longer bound to a desktop computer or a laptop. You have a world of gaming in the palm of your hand. Play while waiting in a queue, at the dentist, in bed or on the bus and enjoy previously mundane moments.


Internet connectivity has always been an issue when playing online. However, with the introduction of 5G technology, you have a better connection with higher speeds. Researchers are currently working on 6G technology, which will allow a potential connection density ten times that of 5G and peak data rates up to fifty times faster.

More Variety

Not so long ago, only limited online games were available, and mobile gaming was far from popular. Today, large developers such as NetEnt, Playn Go, Evolution Gaming and others release hundreds of new titles each year.

Better Games

Not only are there games more compatible with devices, but the quality has improved tenfold and games have more features than ever before. The new designs have far surpassed the classic three-reel slots and now have storylines, different multipliers, many pay-lines, six reel slots and tons more features.

The Demise of Flash

Flash technology was dominant in the 2000s, but HTML-based games proved far more compatible across devices and have since taken over, making Flash obsolete.

Mobile Phone Ownership

According to Bankmycell, there are 4.88 billion mobile users worldwide currently, while in 2016, there were only 4.3 billion. In 2020 of the 4.8 billion users, 3.5 billion owned smartphones, leaving 2.99 billion people who have yet to join the revolution, and this number doesn’t consider population growth.


The Last Word

Computers still play a role today, but many prefer accessing the internet and communicating via a cellphone. Many don’t even own a computer, and while players may sacrifice a larger screen, they far prefer the freedom of mobile technology.


Betting sites have adapted to a mobile world and focused their efforts on improving graphics and navigation for device users. The future looks promising, and products that optimize the betting experience will inevitably grow alongside technology.


There’s no knowing how this exponential growth will impact the mobile gambling world, but one thing we do know: it’s here to stay.