What we expect to see more of in the iGaming industry

The iGaming industry is always changing and adding something new to the gaming experience. We’ve seen a spike in mobile apps the past few years, and the engagement surrounding live immersive games has also grown. We never know what to expect from the gaming industry, but there are a few things that most likely will be added in the next few years.

If you want to keep yourself updated on any new casino features, you should visit igamingnyheter.com. It is an exciting year ahead for the iGaming industry, and there are a lot of new additions in the making. Even though it is hard to predict when new features will be added, we can surely say the casino industry is heavily influenced by new technology. From virtual reality, easier payment methods and apps: Here are some of the things we expect to see more of at online casinos.

What we expect to see more of in the iGaming industry


Virtual reality, mobile apps and payment methods

Virtual reality is a topic that not a lot of online casinos have touched on yet. We have some immersive gameplay present at live casinos, but we expect that the best developers are working on ways to make this possible for slots as well. Live casinos mainly focus on table games, and their immersive games have been very successful. We expect to see more of virtual reality and real life like experience in the years to come.

Mobile casino apps have become more and more popular. Nowadays almost every online casino can be accessed through a smartphone or a tablet. Some casinos are yet to launch their own mobile apps, and can only be played through the phones browser. We suspect that within the few next years, almost every casino will have their own mobile app. This makes mobile playing more user friendly for players.

Players are longing for more user friendly payment methods that are hassle free. With the rise of mobile games, we expect that more mobile payment methods will be added soon. Even though this might be a hard problem to solve, considering players use different banks all around the world, we’re sure online casinos are looking for ways to make depositing easier.


New software developers

For a long time there have only been a few well known developers and software providers. With new technology we suspect that new up and coming developers will become more known and give the old timers a run for their money. Competition is healthy when it comes to game development, and we are excited to see what the underground and lesser known providers will release next.


Even though we never know what to expect from the iGaming industry, it is safe to say that online casinos are focusing more on mobile and live experiences than ever before. We’re also hoping for more user friendly ways to deposit and withdraw money, and maybe even more options for support and customer service. Reading casino news is the best way to stay up to date on everything that happens in the iGaming industry.